CJEO provides expedited opinions, previously known as oral advice summaries, that address judicial ethics inquiries from judicial officers and candidates for judicial office.  (Cal. Rules of Court, rule 9.80(i)(1) [committee authorized to issue expedited opinions].)  CJEO provides and publishes expedited opinions for the benefit of the bench and the public.  (Cal. Rules of Court, rule 9.80(k)(3).)  The names and identifying information of those requesting expedited opinions or whose conduct is the subject of an expedited opinion are not disclosed. The committee has discretion to publish opinions on any subject it deems appropriate and to determine the form of any opinion or advice it provides.  (Cal. Rules of Court, rule 9.80(i)(1) & (j)(1).)

CJEO Expedited Opinions and Oral Advice Summaries are posted below and distributed to those interested in receiving notification when the committee approves an opinion for publication.

CJEO Expedited Opinion 2023-051 – Extrajudicial Service as a Government Affairs Director for Another State’s Attorney General
CJEO Expedited Opinion 2023-050 – Judicial Obligations for Prior Service by an Appellate Staff Attorney in a Pending Matter
CJEO Expedited Opinion 2022-049 – Responding to a Request for a Declaration in a Habeas Corpus Action
CJEO Expedited Opinion 2022-048 – Commenting on or Endorsing Legal Education Books Written by Others
CJEO Expedited Opinion 2022-047 – Fundraising by Retired Judges Engaged in Private Dispute Resolution Services
CJEO Expedited Opinion 2022-046 – Disqualification When a Judge’s Spouse May be a Material Witness
CJEO Expedited Opinion 2022-045 – Disqualification Obligations for Participants in the California Judicial Mentor Program (CJMP)
CJEO Expedited Opinion 2021-044 – Disqualification for Civics Education Activities in Matters Involving School District Mask and Vaccine Mandates
CJEO Expedited Opinion 2021-043 – Service on the California Access to Justice Commission or Child Welfare Council
CJEO Expedited Opinion 2021-042 – Social Media Posts About the Law, the Legal System, or the Administration of Justice
CJEO Expedited Opinion 2021-041 – Service on a Governmental Task Force
CJEO Expedited Opinion 2021-040 – Acceptance of Campaign Contributions Donated by a Court Employee PAC to a Judicial PAC
CJEO Expedited Opinion 2021-039 – Gift Exchanges Between Judges and Their Staff
CJEO Expedited Opinion 2021-038 – Acceptance of Attorney Services from a Law Firm
Notice: Oral Advice Summaries changed to Expedited Opinions effective Jan. 2, 2021
CJEO Oral Advice Summary 2020-037 – Judicial Obligations Relating to Social Media Comments by Appellate Court Staff
CJEO Oral Advice Summary 2020-036 – Appellate Disqualification for Judicial Council Service in Matters Challenging COVID-19 Emergency Rules
CJEO Oral Advice Summary 2020-035 – Appellate Disqualification for Prior Peremptory Challenge as a Trial Judge in the Matter
CJEO Oral Advice Summary 2020-034 – Judges Working Remotely After Court Reopening During the COVID-19 Pandemic
CJEO Oral Advice Summary 2020-033 – Party Reimbursement of Judicial Expenses
CJEO Oral Advice Summary 2020-032 – Judicial Obligations Regarding Witness Face Masks During the COVID-19 Pandemic
CJEO Oral Advice Summary 2019-031 – Extrajudicial Service as a Rotary District Youth Protection Officer
CJEO Oral Advice Summary 2019-030 – Acceptance of a Private Testimonial Dinner and Honors
CJEO Oral Advice Summary 2019-029 – Appellate Disqualification for Prior Assignment as Coordinated Proceedings Judge
CJEO Oral Advice Summary 2019-028 – Service on a Civil Liberties Program Advisory Panel for the State Library
CJEO Oral Advice Summary 2019-027 – Service on a Nonprofit Advisory Board Involved in Criminal Justice Issues
CJEO Oral Advice Summary 2018-026 – Soliciting Endorsements from Trial Court Judges for Other Appellate Court Justices Subject to Retention Elections
CJEO Oral Advice Summary 2018-025 Disqualification and Disclosure Duties of a Trial Judge Assigned as an Appellate Justice
CJEO Oral Advice Summary 2018-024 – Reporting Misconduct by a Superior Court Research Attorney in a Pending Matter
CJEO Oral Advice Summary 2018-023 – Disqualification Responsibilities of Appellate Court Justices
 CJEO Oral Advice Summary 2018-022 – Disclosure Requirements for a State Bar Court Review Department Judge
CJEO Oral Advice Summary 2017-021 – Disqualification For Acquaintance With Leaders Of An Amicus Curiae
CJEO Oral Advice Summary 2017-020 – Judicial Service On A Nonprofit Credit Union Advisory Council 
CJEO Oral Advice Summary 2016-019 – Accepting Compensation For Performing A Marriage After July 10, 2017 [Updated]
CJEO Oral Advice Summary 2016-018 – Administering The Oath Of Office To A Recently Elected District Attorney
CJEO Oral Advice Summary 2016-017 – Disqualification For Prior Appearance As A Deputy District Attorney In Another Proceeding
CJEO Oral Advice Summary 2016-016 – Disqualification Of A Pro Tem Appellate Justice Under Active Consideration
CJEO Oral Advice Summary 2016-015 – Full Bench Disqualification
CJEO Oral Advice Summary 2015-014 – Judicial Membership In A Church-Sponsored Boy Scouts of America Troop
CJEO Oral Advice Summary 2015-013 – Judicial Membership In A Boy Scouts of America-Sponsored Eagle Scout Alumni Group
CJEO Oral Advice Summary 2015-012 – Inviting Attorneys To Provide Legal Education To Appellate Justices
CJEO Oral Advice Summary 2015-011 – Use Of Judicial Title On A Scholarship Fund
CJEO Oral Advice Summary 2015-010 – Service By An Appellate Justice As A Compliance Officer In Pending Federal Proceedings
CJEO Oral Advice Summary 2014-009 – Prohibition On Fundraising While A Subordinate Judicial Officer
CJEO Oral Advice Summary 2014-008 – Application Of The Rule Of Necessity
CJEO Oral Advice Summary 2014-007 – Judicial Review Of Ex Parte Applications For Family Law Contempt Orders
CJEO Oral Advice Summary 2014-006 – Disqualification For Membership In A Specialty Womens Bar Association
CJEO Oral Advice Summary 2014-005 – Disqualification For Membership In An Amicus Curiae
CJEO Oral Advice Summary 2014-004 – Use Of A Testimonial Letter To Promote A National Bar Association Program
CJEO Oral Advice Summary 2013-003 – Fundraising Among Judges For A Civics Education Project Of A Nonprofit National Legal Association
CJEO Oral Advice Summary 2013-002 – Attending A Private Foundation Meeting To Speak About National And State Civics Education Work
CJEO Oral Advice Summary 2013-001 – Disclosure When A Judges Spouse Serves On A City Commission