The committee invites and welcomes public comments on CJEO draft formal opinions.  CJEO posts Invitations to Comment after draft formal opinions have been approved by the committee.  Comments may be submitted using the online comment form or by contacting the CJEO offices.  The committee members consider all comments when deciding whether to publish, modify, or withdraw the draft opinions.  (Cal. Rules of Court, rule 9.80(j)(2); CJEO rule 7(d).)

Public Comment Confidentiality Policy

An exception to the strict confidentiality CJEO maintains for all communications is provided for comments submitted by the public in response to an invitation to comment issued by CJEO on a draft formal CJEO opinion.  (Cal. Rules of Court, rule 9.80(h)(1).)  Such comments from the public are deemed not to be confidential and may be posted on this website for public review at the committee’s discretion.  (Cal. Rules of Court, rule 9.80(h)(4).)

Recent Invitations to Comment

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