CJEO publishes formal written advisory opinions that address judicial ethics topics of interest to the judiciary and the public (Cal. Rules of Court, rule 9.80(i)(2); CJEO rule 6 (b).)  Judicial officers and judicial candidates may request a formal opinion and members of the public and entities may suggest topics to be addressed by the committee in a formal written opinion (Cal. Rules of Court, rule 9.80(i)(1); CJEO rule 6 (a).)  The committee has discretion to publish opinions on any subject it deems appropriate and to determine the form of any opinion or advice it provides.  (Cal. Rules of Court, rule 9.80(i)(1) & (j)(1).)  The committee invites the public to comment on draft formal opinions that the committee posts on this website prior to determining whether to approve the final formal opinions it publishes.

CJEO Formal Opinions are posted below and distributed to those who are interested in receiving copy when they are approved.

CJEO Formal Opinion 2023-025 – Responding to Attorney Misconduct
CJEO Formal Opinion 2023-024 – Accepting Invitations to Law Firm Celebrations
CJEO Formal Opinion 2023-023 – Guidelines for Hosting Educational Presentations by Outside Speakers and Groups
CJEO Formal Opinion 2023-022 – Guidelines for Presiding Judges When Transmitting Courtwide Communications to Colleagues
CJEO Formal Opinion 2023-021 – Disqualification Obligations of a Trial Judge Based on Prior Judicial Involvement in Criminal Trial Court Proceedings
CJEO Formal Opinion 2022-020 – Judicial Consultations with Other Judges
CJEO Formal Opinion 2022-019 – Disqualification and Disclosure Obligations When Coaching Youth Sports
CJEO Formal Opinion 2021-018 – Providing Feedback on Attorney Courtroom Performance
CJEO Formal Opinion 2021-017 – Providing Close Family Members With Advice That Implicates Legal Issues
CJEO Formal Opinion 2021-016 – Independent Investigation of Information Contained in Electronic Court CMSs
CJEO Formal Opinion 2020-015 – Supervising Judge’s Duties When a Party Complains About a Judge in a Pending Matter
CJEO Formal Opinion 2020-014 – Judicial Participation in Public Demonstrations and Rallies
CJEO Formal Opinion 2019-013 – Disclosure of Campaign Contributions in Trial Court Elections
CJEO Formal Opinion 2018-012 – Providing Educational Presentations at Specialty Bar Events
CJEO Formal Opinion 2017-011 – Judicial Service On A Nonprofit Charter School Board
CJEO Formal Opinion 2017-010 – Extrajudicial Involvement In Marijuana Enterprises
CJEO Formal Opinion 2017-009 – Judges Meeting With Vendors
CJEO Formal Opinion 2016-008 – Attending Political Fundraising Or Endorsement Events
CJEO Formal Opinion 2015-007 – Disqualification For Prior Appearance As A Deputy District Attorney In A Nonsubstantive Matter
CJEO Formal Opinion 2014-006 – Judicial Comment At Public Hearings And Consultation With Public Officials And Other Branches Of Government
CJEO Formal Opinion 2014-005 – Accepting Gifts Of Little Or Nominal Value Under The Ordinary Social Hospitality Exception
CJEO Formal Opinion 2014-004 – Judicial Screening Of Ex Parte Applications For Non-Domestic-Violence Emergency Family Law Orders
CJEO Formal Opinion 2013-003 – Disqualification Based On Judicial Campaign Contributions From A Lawyer In The Proceeding
CJEO Formal Opinion 2013-002 – Disclosure On The Record When There Is No Court Reporter Or Electronic Record Of The Proceedings
CJEO Formal Opinion 2013-001 – Requesting Assistance From Attorneys