Judge Yew was appointed by the Supreme Court as a CJEO member in May, 2019. She has served on the Santa Clara County Superior Court since 2001, where her judicial assignments have included a variety of court settings, such as presiding over a dependency drug treatment court and other collaborative problem-solving courts. In 2010, the Supreme Court appointed Judge Yew to the Commission on Judicial Performance, where she served as a member until 2019, and as the commission’s chairperson from 2013 to 2016. Judge Yew also served as a member of the Judicial Council from 2009 to 2012. Currently, she serves on the boards for the National Center for State Courts and the California Judges Association. She is also a member of the California Access to Justice Commission and co-chairs the commission’s Racial Justice and Intersectionality Committee. Judge Yew is also a co-chair of Governor Newsom’s California Judicial Mentor Program. Judge Yew has received a number of awards for her community service and work as a judge, including Outstanding Jurist of the Year in 2016 from the Santa Clara County Bar Association and the 2017 Distinguished Service Award from the Judicial Council.


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